Real Estate Law

Specialists in Real Estate and Corporate Law

  • Purchase and sales agreement
  • Trust creation
  • Acquisition by means of a corporation
  • Promise to buy and sale
  • Title search and due diligences
  • Services for regional development projects

Real Estate Development & Transactions

Did you know that you can get legal representation for your closing, even if you are not personally attending?

At Ballote and Associates Legal Firm, you will find an experienced and highly qualified legal team to assist you in the Real Estate Business you are looking for. We provide our service to help you accomplish the acquisition of a home or piece of land for your retirement paradise, or for a business. Attendance at the closing is not required!

Purchase and Sales Agreement

We assist you on the whole process to get the expected closing date. Our highly qualified attorneys, with their legal experience in real estate law, have been handling closings in the Yucatán peninsula for many years.

Trust creation

This is one of the two alternatives that foreigners have to acquire property in Mexico’s Restricted Area. We help you to choose the best financial institution for your transaction, and then assist you in the closing process if you choose to go this method. If you have questions about this matter please visit our FAQ.

Acquisition by Means of a Corporation

This is the other alternative to acquire property in Mexico’s Restricted Area, and implies the process of forming your corporation. We can also represent you in the closing for the purchase of your property. Should you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Promise to Buy and Sale

If the closing cannot take place at the time you have found the right piece of property and have also agreed to the price, we can save/secure the property for you by preparing an adequate purchase/sale agreement entered into by you and the seller.

Title Search and Due Diligences

To assure our clients they are purchasing a property with a clear title, we recommend that they include these services. We search the legal source of the property at the Public Land Recording Office (Title search), check that all utilities and taxes are already paid, check on the plot plans of the deed, and search for elements to provide certainty to your acquisition (Due diligences). This service is also provided for the many real estate development projects on the Penisula.